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Partner programme for travel agencies


Travel agencies should please fill in the contact form below, on this page. Shortly after submitting the details, you will receive confirmation from TUI Villas by e-mail with your access data and further information.

Booking procedure

  • Travel agencies should log in to the website https://product.atraveo.com/travel_agency and use the booking link provided in the partner area. This is the only way we can assign the booking to your travel agency.
  • All bookings will be processed via direct collection. Please place a booking by filling out the booking order online in the name of the customer and submitting it. Please enter the customer’s details (and not those of the travel agency). This pertains, in particular, to the postal address and payment details.
  • You can select in the booking order whether you want to store the customer’s e-mail address or whether the e-mail address of your travel agency should be used instead. If you store your customer’s e-mail address, all e-mails will go directly to the customer and your travel agency will receive copies. Please note: if the collection of money takes place directly through the respective provider (not via atraveo), you – as the travel agency - will not receive copies of the mails that are sent to the customer. If you do not store the customer’s e-mail address, all the e-mails will be sent exclusively to your travel agency’s e-mail address. In this case, you will be responsible for ensuring that the customer receives all the information about the booking.
  • Directly after submitting the booking order, the customer or your travel agency will receive automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail. As soon as the booking has been confirmed by the provider of the accommodation – usually within a few hours, we will send another e-mail to the customer or your travel agency, confirming the booking.


For every confirmed booking, you will receive a commission in the form of marketing remuneration, amounting to 5% on the rental or travel price (without additional costs and additional services).

Please enter your details

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In accordance with our privacy policy, your data will, of course, always be treated confidentially. The stated data is solely used for the purpose of establishing contact with you and stored respectively. Under no circumstances is your data passed on to third parties.