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Active beach vacation on Corsica
Post from 21/04/2011

With hiking boots and bathing suit

In the western Mediterranean Sea surrounded by bright blue water rises a mountain range – the island Corsica. It impresses with a large variety of landscapes: long fine sandy beaches, picturesque mountain villages and secluded bays contrast with impressive red rock formations and steep sloping cliffs. Not without reason Corsica is called “Ile de Beauté” – “Isle of Beauty” by natives and many tourists.

The French island Corsica

The tree-covered or with maquis covered mountain ranges are typical for the fourth largest Mediterranean Island. The evergreen plant covers around half of the island. Especially in spring time when the maquis is in bloom its pleasant and intensive fragrance covers the whole of Corsica. Even Napoleon Bonaparte said he could recognise with closed eyes his native island just by its scent. In the higher altitudes oleander, rosemary and orchids grow amongst other plants. In contrast around the coastal regions exotic plants such as palm trees, agaves, eucalyptus but also numerous fruit-bearing trees such as peaches, oranges and lemons are able to prosper. The residents of Corsica are very proud of the variety which is reflected in flora and fauna and protect it in nature reserves. Worth visiting are especially the national park “Parc Naturel Régional de la Corse” and the region around Calvi also referred to as Balagne. The region is also called the gardens of Corsica. You want to discover the flair yourself? Then why not spend your holiday in a small holiday resort with large park-like gardens? The scenery is even more breathtaking during spring time when the chestnuts are in bloom.

This diverse landscape and the wide choice of recreational facilities especially attract those who enjoy a more active vacation to this French island. Holiday resorts with bungalows are a good starting point for trips. The best way to explore Corsica’s wild nature is by foot with comfortable footgear, a rucksack and enough stamina. A close net of hiking trails covers the whole island which enables you to enjoy the unique and untouched nature to the full. On your hikes you shall see fascinating canyons and rock formations, small torrents and charming woods. Mountain ranges reach s-shaped from Cape Corse in the north to the southern tip of Corsica. The islands highest elevation is Monte Cinto (2,706 metres). Enjoy your morning coffee in one of the many holiday houses with view towards the mountains. The “Forêt de l'Ospedale” in the south of Corsica captivates with its unique landscape of rock formations and magnificent laricio pines. A special highlight is the “Pisca di Gallo“, a impressive cascade which emerges from a rock opening. At the southern tip of the island the limestone rocks of Bonifacio slope steep into the sea. Especially hikes to the Genoese tower on the red cliffs of Capu Rosso belong to the most beautiful hiking trails along the island’s west coast and offer a stunning view.

Secluded roads along the coast and through the mountains invite you to go on a cycling tour. Those seeking more adventurous activities should drop by in one of the numerous climbing crags. There your adrenalin will surely rise. Furthermore in the last few years Corsicahas become magnet for canyoning.

The perfect holiday destination for an active beach vacation

Those who prefer to unwind should enjoy a relaxing day at one of the numerous beaches, bays or mountain lakes as Corsica is also a very popular destination for beach vacations.

Especially sailors, divers, fishermen and surfers enjoy Cap Corse which is situated on the north side of the island and provides sections of wild landscape and secluded bays. The east coast is lined by mile long fine sandy beaches. Here you can unwind and soak up some sunshine. Especially families with kids prefer this region. atraveo offers you many family-friendly holiday homes. The partly rocky west coast has many smaller and larger bays. Moreover the unforgettable sunsets are particularly charming.  Shingle beaches which slope steep into the sea are wide-spread on this part of the island. Beautiful sandy beaches can be found at Calvi, Ile-Rousse, Plage d'Arone and Propriano. It is recommended to wear sandals at the beaches of the south coast as sea urchins can be found there. “Santa Guilia” and “Plage de Palombaggia” are some of the most scenic and well-known beaches of the island. Smaller holiday parks close to the sea are ideal for relaxing beach vacations. 15 kilometres away from Palombaggia at the south-eastern coast lies the harbour village Porto-Vecchio that is situated on a hill. Many holiday resorts will enchant you with a stunning view on the gulf of Porto-Vecchio. Dreamy villages with many narrow alleyways invite you for a stroll. Why not spend a relaxing evening in one of the many beautiful and cosy restaurants with a glass of Corsican wine in the city?

Probably the best time to travel is May and June as the island then is in bloom. Besides during this time the temperatures are very agreeable.

Tip: Typical for Corsica are the many cork oak forests. You could get a souvenir made from cork for your loved ones as a special present to take back with you.

You are looking for a holiday which combines action and relaxation? Then Corsica is ideal for you as the countless recreational activities and the changing scenery of this Mediterranean island provide for an unforgettable vacation. So don’t forget while packing your bag: hiking boots, bathing suit and the keys to your holiday home.