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Furnishings of holiday homes

How many people can stay in a house?

The maximum occupancy is specified for the properties. The property will not be able to accommodate more than the given number of people. This also includes babies and small children. Over-occupancy may be possible under exceptional circumstances, but enquiries must be made in advance. Please state the number of travellers, their ages, and their names in the booking order. Please note that over-occupancy may incur additional charges. Please note that over-occupancy is not possible in Croatia for legal reasons, and therefore cannot be requested.

Is there a cot or high chair available?

Please check the property description for information on this. If there is no information on this then generally this means there is no cot/high chair. However, we will gladly ask the respective provider in conjunction with your booking request whether a cot/high chair or similar item can be made available.

Is Internet/WLAN available?

Please refer to the property description to see whether a connection is available. If Internet or WLAN is advertised, its use is only intended for holiday purposes and it is usually not suitable for business utilisation. The data usage may be limited. Similarly, it may be the case that constant availability will not always be guaranteed. A WLAN connection normally means that coverage extends to most of the rooms of the property. Depending on the size, construction style, and location of the holiday accommodation, it cannot, however, be guaranteed throughout the whole house and garden.

Are pets permitted?

Dog, cat, mouse: Whether and how many pets are permitted – usually one, sometimes several – varies from house to house and is specified in the relevant property presentation. A request must be made at the time of booking if you wish to bring along more animals than the specified number. Please click on “Continue with booking” in the property presentation and enter the number of pets. Requests must also be made in individual cases for just one pet. The owner wants to ensure that his/her property is suitable for you and your pet. There may be a surcharge for bringing your pet along. Tip: Enter whether you are bringing a pet along when you conduct a search. Only suitable holiday accommodation will then be displayed in the results list.

Does the holiday home have a TV?

Each house has different furnishings and facilities. The property description will state if there is a TV. Here you will also find out if there is satellite or cable television. Please note that the availability of satellite or cable television does not mean you will receive English language programmes.

When is the pool opened?

In the property description you will find information on the seasonal pool opening times. Should you not find any details then this provides you with an orientation: In the Mediterranean countries the pools are generally open from the beginning of June until mid/end of September and in Central Europe are available between July and August. Please note that the stated dates for the start and end of the season can move depending on the weather.

Who takes care of the final cleaning?

Unless otherwise stated in the property description, guests take care of the final cleaning. If a final cleaning service is included in the scope of services or has been additionally booked, just sweep or vacuum, take out the trash and wash the dishes before you leave. Please remember that in some regions not every property has its own garbage bin and the guest has to take the trash to a municipal collection point. The property owner will provide you with detailed information when you arrive.

Do I have to bring bed linen and towels?

It is stated in the property description if bed linen and towels are included in the rental price or have to be additionally booked. In case there is no information then one must bring bed linen and towels.

What needs to be considered in respect to the heating and air conditioning?

The respective property presentation will indicate whether the accommodation has heating or air conditioning. Please refer to the price information to see whether additional costs will be incurred from use of them. Please note that there are legal restrictions on the heating periods in some countries.

How are the provided distances measured?

In order to provide you with an orientation most of the property descriptions have information on distance for example how far the next beach is. Please note that the provided distance information is linear distances which is very an estimation.
Please also include the shown map with each property into your travel plans.

On which days is it possible to arrive and depart?

Arrivals and departures are often only possible on certain weekdays, e.g., on Fridays or Saturdays. The possible arrival days for the accommodation are marked in the occupancy calendar. Click on the desired arrival day and the respective rental / travel price will be calculated (depending on availability). Other arrival days are possible during the off-peak season, but an enquiry must be made with the booking. To do this, please click on “Continue with booking” and enter the desired travel date and duration of the stay.

In order to avoid vacancy gaps, many owners have specified a minimum rental period, e.g., three nights or even a week. This information can be found below the occupancy calendar. If you select a shorter period, e.g, because you may want to depart earlier, you will still be charged the price for the minimum rental period. If you are planning to arrive later than you have booked, please inform our customer service so that the owner does not have to wait for you unnecessarily.

Can I make special requests with my booking?

Please check your property description to see whether the accommodation offers extras. Often they can be booked as an added service. Special requests like for example which floor the holiday apartment is supposed to be on we will gladly enquire in conjunction with your booking request. Just enter your wish in the field “Notice to the customer service” and we will pass it on to the respective provider. Please note that special requests will often only be noted as a non binding customer request.

What basic equipment can I expect to find at a holiday property? What do I need to take with me?

Unless something else is stated in the description, a holiday property generally has crockery, pans and cutlery for the number of persons being accommodated, simple cooking utensils and at least two hotplates. Special equipment such as a salad spinner, garlic press, corkscrew and toaster may not be included in the basic equipment, unless they are explicitly mentioned in the description, and you should take them with you to be on the safe side. Consumables such as toilet paper, condiments and cleaning products are also not part of the basic equipment, so you ought to bring them with you or shop for them locally.

Prices and additional charges

How is the total price calculated?

Please select above the property description your travel date, desired duration as well as number of travellers and if applicable pets you would like to take with you. Generally the total price is then automatically calculated. Here it will be stated which services are inclusive or already have been included. Whether additional services such as bed linen or final cleaning have to be booked will also be stated. Tip: With your search enter the desired travel date, duration and number of travellers as well as whether you want to take any pets. This way you are provided with calculated total prices in the result list making it easier for you to compare.

Which additional services can be booked?

In the property description you will be able to find which are already included in the rental price, which services have to be booked in advance and which additional charges have to be paid on arrival. If these have to be booked in advance then you can enter these with your booking.

Will I incur additional costs if I bring my pet with me?

Please check the price information to see whether additional costs will be incurred for taking a pet along. Further details on taking pets can be found under "Can a pet be taken along?"

Do I have to pay visitor tax?

The community statute at the holiday resort shall govern whether a local visitor’s tax is payable. If the provider is aware of this, it shall be indicated in the property presentation. Please note, however, that the amount of the visitor’s tax can be altered by the local authorities at any time without prior notice.

Must I provide a deposit and how do I get it back?

Some providers request a deposit as a security against damages potentially caused by guests or for additional charges. Whether a caution has to be provided and what amount that may is stated in the respective property presentation. In most cases the caution is payable in local currency in cash on arrival. In individual cases it is also possible to provide the caution via credit card. Should the caution have already been paid with the invoice then this is transferred to the owner. The owner is always responsible for the reimbursement of the caution. As far as the repayment of the caution is done via bank transfer by the owner then please before departure give them your bank details comprising of IBAN and BIC.

What is the service fee?

True to the motto "you place the booking and pack the suitcases, we’ll take care of the rest," the service fee will cover the costs of the service and consulting assistance, the continuous expansion of a quality-assured range, and the operation and the further development of the booking platform:
- We will take care of all aspects of booking with our multilingual customer service, like no other holiday-home mediator does. Whether it’s advising, dealing with queries, requests for change, or complaints - the customer service is always available by telephone and e-mail. It regulates the entire booking process - from sending the request to the provider to dispatching the travel documents.
- In the case of payment processing by us, we will take care of the payment to the provider and offers various free payment methods.
- All providers are checked – regardless of whether they are private owners, agencies, or tour operators. Fake offers or dubious owners are therefore excluded from the outset.
- Customer reviews of the accommodation and locations are manually checked by us for plausibility and authenticity, and only then will they be displayed in unaltered form. In total, more than half-a-million home and location reviews have been collected, checked, and put online.
- The IBE5 booking engine has been specially developed by us and is specifically tailored to the mediation of holiday homes and apartments. It is constantly being further developed for optimal user experience.

The service fee is already included in the displayed total price and is due upon conclusion of a booking. It amounts to 3% of the rental or travel price, but will be no more than €39 maximum. The payment of the service fee automatically takes place with the payment of the rental or travel price via the respectively selected method of payment. The service fee does not apply to bookings for which the provider, (and not us), takes over the booking and payment process.

Booking and payment terms

What are the payment terms?

The methods and terms of payment vary - depending on the property, the period between booking and arrival, the country in which the customer is domiciled, and other factors. In principle, no payment fee will be levied by us. However, the respective provider can charge an additional fee for payments made with certain credit cards. Please refer to the information in the property description / in the booking order to see which payment terms apply in specific cases. Detailed information about the payment methods and conditions can also be found in our mediation terms. Please contact our customer service if in doubt or if you have any questions.

How are customer payments secured? Do I get a refund security notice?

The protection of customers’ money is a top priority for us. If you opt for accommodation from our range provided by a tour operator, you will receive a risk coverage certificate along with your booking confirmation, or equivalent evidence with which the tour operator documents that he has safeguarded the customers’ money against the event of insolvency, in accordance with the statutory provisions. For details regarding this, please refer to the information in the section on payment methods in the booking request.

In addition to tour operators, we also cooperate with holiday-home agencies, holiday-park operators and numerous private owners from all over Europe in order to provide you with as wide a variety of holiday accommodation as possible. Usually, these providers are not legally obliged to formally safeguard customers’ money. So that you can go on holiday in a reassured frame of mind, we check all tour operators, local partners and private owners thoroughly on performance and reliability before their properties are added to the range. As a general rule, you can conveniently pay your travel or rental price to us, and we will take over the administration with the respective provider for you.

How does the online booking proceed?

After you have sent your booking request you will receive a query number on the next page. Your booking is processed by our customer service and coordinated with the provider. As soon as we receive a response we will get back to you via email. You are only bound for 48 hours by the booking and afterwards are able to withdraw by sending an email (of course only as far as your booking has not been confirmed). Longer periods apply for bookings with special requests and conditions e.g. additional occupation or pets on request. Should contrary to expectations your booking not be confirmed then we will send you an alternative offer.

Can I obtain the holiday address in advance?

We generally show the exact location of the accommodation - which is highlighted as a red house - on the map of the respective property description. In exceptional cases, the location of the accommodation will not be shown, but only that of the holiday resort (as a red dot). In such instances, we are adhering to the express wish of the respective owner who has asked for discretion. In any case, you will receive the holiday-home address with your travel documents between 10 to 14 days before departure.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking at any time. The easiest way is via the contact form. The amount of the cancellation fee shall be graded according to the time of cancellation and pursuant to the provider's General Terms and Conditions. Should you unexpectedly not be able to arrive, please let us know as soon as possible, even if this is only a few days before the start of the trip. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions.

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Arrival/Departure and travel documents

When and how will I receive my travel documents?

After the total rental price has been received the travel documents will be prepared for dispatch. Normally the travel documents will arrive 10 to 14 days before departure via e-mail or post.

How am I going to get the keys?

There will be information on the key handover in your travel documents. On presentation of the rental voucher you will receive the keys for the booked accommodation on arrival.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or problems during my holiday?

Your host will do everything possible to make sure you enjoy your stay and are comfortable in the holiday property. However, unforeseen problems do sometimes occur. If you experience any problems please contact the local provider for assistance and to clarify your mutual rights and obligations.

Details of the person to contact are stated on the booking documents which were sent to you before your holiday.

Where can I find information on passport, exchange and health regulations?

Travel, safety, entry, health and visa information are available on the website of the German Foreign Ministry: www.auswaertiges-amt.de. If you are not able to find the necessary information then please contact your embassy.

What times is it possible to arrive and depart?

Generally you can arrive between 4 and 6 p.m. Generally it is necessary to enquire with the provider if a later arrival time is possible. Please also note that you will have to leave your accommodation at the latest by 10 a.m. You will be able to find the detailed arrival and departure times in your travel documents. If you already know at the time of booking that you are going to arrive particularly early or leave late then please let us know under "Notice to the customer service". We will gladly ask the provider in regards to your differing arrival time.

Search and availability

How can I find a holiday home?

In the search enter your travel destination, the desired travel date and duration as well as best with the number of people you are intending to travel with. In a third search step you can also state whether you want to take one a pet. Should you desire certain facilities or furnishings such as a dish washer or pool then this can also be included within your search. Now click on “Show offers” and we will compile a list of available holiday homes. This may take a couple of seconds.<br></br> In order to simplify price comparison the list contains the prices that were calculated for your specific search constellation: Travel date and duration, number of people and even a surcharge for the dog are included as far as possible. Naturally the result list only has the most important details to each offer. To find out more make use of the preview or click on “Details” to get to the property presentation.

Are the offered holiday properties available?

When you select a travel date and period with your search, the offered accommodation will then be automatically checked for availability so that only the properties which are free will be shown in the results list. The basis for this is the occupancy calendar which the respective provider always keeps up to date. In order to provide additional assurance, the availability will be checked with the provider at the time of the booking . Should the accommodation not be available any more - contrary to expectations, we will provide you with alternatives.

General and worth knowing

How can I find a holiday home?

In the search enter your travel destination, the desired travel date and duration as well as best with the number of people you are intending to travel with. In a third search step you can also state whether you want to take one a pet. Should you desire certain facilities or furnishings such as a dish washer or pool then this can also be included within your search. Now click on “Show offers” and we will compile a list of available holiday homes. This may take a couple of seconds.<br></br> In order to simplify price comparison the list contains the prices that were calculated for your specific search constellation: Travel date and duration, number of people and even a surcharge for the dog are included as far as possible. Naturally the result list only has the most important details to each offer. To find out more make use of the preview or click on “Details” to get to the property presentation.

How does the booking work?

Have you found a holiday home for your vacation? Then click on “Continue to booking” in the property description. The booking-order form will now appear where you can select the travel date and number of people, if applicable, so that the price can be calculated and displayed. Please fill out the fields in the booking form and don’t forget to state the names and ages of fellow travellers (including for babies and small children). Depending on the chosen holiday home, you may be able to book additional services (for example bed linen), take out travel insurance as well as determine the method of payment. Finally, please read and accept our terms and conditions and, if applicable, those of the respective provider and then click on “Binding booking” to conclude the booking. Should you have selected credit card as the payment method, you will then be asked for your credit card details. This is done in a separate booking step for your own security. You will be shown a summary of your booking on the following page, which you can print off or save. The booking will now be processed. You will receive an e-mail with further information as soon as the booking can be confirmed. Please note that we cannot process your booking via the phone.

How can I submit a review?

Do you know the offered accommodation from your own experience because you were a guest there? Then you can review the accommodation. For this you need to click on “Rate this property” in the property description and fill out the respective fields. You can also only provide a review for the town/resort you stayed in, totally independent from the actual accommodation. For this select via our search the country, region and start the search. Click in the result list on the tab above the respective town/resort. Here you can enter your review for the town/resort. Of course you are only permitted to make statements which are true and can be verified. No changes will be made prior to us contacting you and the review is displayed unaltered online.

For owners: Can I advertise my holiday home?

Do you have holiday apartments or houses and would you like to achieve higher occupancy rates and reach more customers? You still want to retain control of renting and not enter any restricting obligations? With TUI Villas, TUI's international holiday-home portal, you can present your holiday domiciles across Europe. We will take over the active mediation and marketing - without any risk for you as the product partner.

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